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Custom developed VR game for HTC Vive Headset.
The game runs on Unreal Engine.

All the assets inside the game were custom made: tennis court, rackets, branded tennis ball, crowd, and all other assets, high-quality assets and premium graphics.

The game physics was custom coded, with an AI player which randomizes the ball return to the player. The scoreboard is branded with the Lacoste Watch Brand and is storing data locally.

The game was presented at a conference in Dubai, Kuwait, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

The quality of work and attention for details amazed us! ShindiriVR is one of the best teams we have worked so far in the industry!

ClientLacoste Watches

Some fun facts, while developing the game, we have actually watched over 40h of Tennis to get the physics right.

The idea of the game was to present the new Lacoste watch, so all around the court are advertisements that are showcasing the product.

Initially the game was thought to be multiplayer, our team even did the MVP so we have a test that multiplayer can be done, but eventually, the client decided to go with single-player.